1. Excellence in Home Healthcare: Mastering Medically Homes SOP Review

Scheduling and Timeliness: Patients under the care of Medically Homes will have their appointments prescheduled. It is essential for our team members to be punctual and arrive at the designated location exactly by the scheduled time. Timeliness is a critical aspect of our service, reflecting our commitment to reliability and respect for our patients' schedules.

Reporting Upon Arrival: Upon reaching the patient's location, it is mandatory for the visiting phlebotomist to immediately report their arrival to the Medically Homes team. This communication is a crucial step in ensuring a coordinated effort and maintaining a seamless flow of information between myOnsite Healthcare and Medically Homes.

Utilizing the Receiver: The first action upon arrival should be to pick up the designated receiver provided at the draw location. This device is set up specifically for communication between the myOnsite healthcare professional and the Medically Homes team.

Check-In Procedure: After picking up the receiver, the team member must follow the check-in protocol, which involves:

  • Identifying Yourself: Phlebotomisy must introduce themself as representing myOnsite Healthcare professional. This reporting is important to notify the checkin to Medically Homes command center.
  • Patient Identification: Phlebotomist must clearly state the name of the patient who is scheduled to attend. This step is crucial for patient safety and to avoid any mix-up in services.
  • Confirmation of Tests and Tubes: Before proceeding with the phlebotomy procedure, it is imperative to confirm the specific tests to be performed and the types of tubes required for these tests. This confirmation ensures accuracy in sample collection and aligns with the medical requirements set forth for the patient.